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Douglas Ducote
Douglas M. Ducote, Sr. is a medically retired United States Army Staff Sergeant, veteran law enforcement officer, conservative media personality, and American Patriot by the Grace of God with over 18-years of professional experience, 200,000 subscribers across his social media platforms, and 20,000,000 video views.
In military active duty, Mr. Ducote held two different MOS positions, including 67U (CH-47 Chinook Flight Engineer) and 67N (UH-1 Huey Crew Chief). In the Army Guard, Mr. Ducote picked up another MOS of 95B (Military Police Officer) and also served 3 years as a HH-60G (Helicopter Crew Chief) in the California Air Guard. Mr. Ducote was deployed four times in direct support of combat operations for Golden Pheasant, Just Cause, Desert Storm, and Iraqi Freedom. Throughout his vast career, Mr. Ducote proudly served under Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. In law enforcement, Mr. Ducote served as a Training Officer with the San Mateo County, California Sheriff’s Office and with the California National Guard 670th Military Police Company. In 2006, Mr. Ducote was inducted into the Louisiana Veterans Hall of Honor.
In 2011, Mr. Ducote founded ‘Veterans United for Justice,’ a not-for-profit organization. Over the years, Douglas has helped veterans navigate the complexities of the United States Veterans Administration, manage suicidal urges, find counseling, and adjust back to life after war through a variety of uplifting activities including attending concerts, complete with backstage VIP access, with fellow combat veterans. Mr. Ducote has worked with many members of the United States Congress to bring awareness to the broken veteran system and highlight what veterans face in the process of obtaining approval for benefits packages, including medical classification. Mr. Ducote has given speeches throughout Louisiana and in Washington, D.C. on the various obstacles our veterans face in America today and how the system can and should be reformed.
Currently, through the ‘Douglas Ducote American Restoration Committee’ and ‘Protecting The Pledge, LLC,’ Mr. Ducote is focused on addressing the issues our country faces today and finding solutions that will prove to be beneficial for generations to come. As conservative voices have been censored and banned, and have had their social media, payment gateways, and banking services shut down by radical leftists, crony corporatists, and authoritarian technocrats, Mr. Ducote decided to create a web platform where like-minded American Patriots could view his work, network with each other, and begin to build real life relationships off the internet. Mr. Ducote believes that change can only happen through awareness of the dangers “We The People” face in losing our precious national sovereignty, our God-given Constitutional Rights, and our highly coveted American Dream.
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