Padlocked Border Gate Goes Viral, BUT is it Really FAKE NEWS?

Border Gate Padlocked Open. Real? Or Fake News?

It’s no secret that the internet is saturated with FAKE NEWS.

Whether it’s from the leftist publications like the Washington Post, New York Times, Media Matters, our mainstream media, or ‘Citizen Journalists’ on YouTube trying to get in on the action, fake news has permeated our lives to the point that it’s hard to decipher the facts from fiction. News organizations CNN and MSNBC have been caught with their pants down so many times, creating false narratives, I’ve lost count! But it’s not just those on the far left putting misinformation on the internet, so are some on the far right.

The border wall has stirred controversy ever since President Trump vowed to clamp down on the security at our southern border with a wall to deter the amount of drug trafficking, human trafficking, and weapons being smuggled in, as well as immigrants crossing our borders illegally.

It’s been an uphill battle as Democrats whipped their base into a frenzy, claiming it’s “un-American” to stop migrants from illegally crossing into the U.S. As a result of the delays, thanks to Democrats in Congress, and lawsuits filed to block funding, the ‘We Build The Wall’ campaign, headed by U.S. Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage, began to get the job done! The organization started a ‘Go Fund Me’ campaign in December 2018 that has garnered over $23M in donations. They tapped contractor Fisher Industries of North Dakota to build the half-mile wall on private property, in an area where a huge influx of illegal crossings and smuggling was occurring (according to Customs and Border Protection).

This brings us to Monday and Tuesday, when the Douglas Ducote team was inundated with hundreds of emails from concerned Americans about a video circulating that purported to show Obama holdover federal agents, on the orders of the ACLU, padlocking the newly constructed gate open to allow free flow of illegals into our country. Because there was such high demand to find out what was really going on, Douglas conducted his own investigation to determine if this truly was the case.

As pressure rose from his base, Ducote has this to say in a video released last night, “unless I have the facts, unless I can vet the story, I’m not going to put one out there, because I do not believe in going half-cocked and giving out information that turns out to be not true.”

This morning, Douglas posted a follow up video explaining his investigation, prefacing it by saying, “First let me say this, I am 100% for securing our borders with a wall. I’m 100% on board with President Trump on this wall. I’m 100% with what private companies like this company ‘We Build The Wall’ is doing. Raise money and ‘We The People’ will build the wall. I am anti-ACLU, I am anti-Obama, and anti-Obama holdovers. We heard this whole thing was a lawsuit and the ACLU was holding our government hostage forcing the gate to be locked open. It all turned out to be bullshit, not true at all.”

Ducote attempted to find out the truth, contacting agencies including Department of Homeland Security, the International Water and Board Commission, and local law enforcement to get the facts from the people at the location. Unfortunately, although he reached out to the individual that made the video, he received no response, nor a response from ‘We Build The Wall.\’ The El Paso Times went to the location and spoke to the IWBC and law enforcement yesterday to find out what was going on. They also reached out to ‘We Build The Wall,’ however also did not get a response.

According to the El Paso Times, the private gate was padlocked shut June 6 by ‘We Build The Wall’ and they wouldn’t respond to requests by the International Water and Board Commission to open it. The American road that is depicted in the video is what the IWBC uses to access a dam on U.S. property, but is managed by the IWBC, a U.S.-Mexico partnership. It’s their responsibility. Douglas learned, “‘We Build The Wall’ knew this was the situation and purposefully locked the gate shut with a padlock so IWBC couldn’t access the dam to do their job.”

The El Paso Times reports, “Representatives from the U.S. Section of the IWBC, accompanied by two uniformed officers from the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office, removed the lock, opened the gate and locked it open pending further discussions with the group.” The IBWC also indicated that they never gave permission to \’We Build The Wall\’ to construct the gate on that property, which is owned by the U.S. government, as it interferes with access to the dam their employees need to maintain. Ultimately, the IWBC decided to lock the gate at night, effective immediately, due to security concerns. However, according to the El Paso Times photographer, although federal agents closed the gate, they did not lock it last night.

Construction Forman, for \’We Build The Wall\’ and Fisher Industries, Mike Furey told the newspaper that while the gate remains unlocked there will be “guards and security” keeping watch. Wednesday, Public Relations Officer for IWBC said they will have “operational control” over the gate.

What’s interesting is the same individual that put out the initial video claiming this to be part of a scheme by the ACLU to allow migrants unfettered access to illegally cross into the U.S., was at the location when Furey addressed the press to do a follow up video. After reviewing the video, Ducote could clearly hear Furey say to reporters, “the story out there is not true, they got it all wrong.\”

Douglas adds, “the guy with camera moves away from him [Furey] after that comment.”

As if the blatant false narrative wasn’t enough within the video, \’We Build The Wall\’ Founder Brian Kolfage tweeted to keep fanning the flames of outrage on Monday June 10, “How does an entity 50% owned, controlled by Mexico supersede DHS and U.S. Border Patrol on issues regarding national security by our President?”

After conducting his own investigation into the matter, Douglas states it’s clear that this is a “no merit, 100% not true statement.\”

Kolfage tweeted again on Tuesday, June 11, “The IWBC left other gates open, in other parts of the border fence allowing migrants to enter El Paso city limits. Apparently an international organization has DHS by the balls. They can’t even secure their own border without this organization (WBTW) telling them to screw off.”

This is another no merit statement, not true.

U.S. IWBC responded to the tweet saying, “International border fences are not our property and is not charged with securing other fences or other gates. Gates and border fences are controlled by other border agencies, not us.\”

Not only do we have an individual running out with a video, unwilling to actually get to the truth, but now the founder of \’We Build The Wall\’ is perpetuating the fake news narrative.

“It’s almost comical, but it’s really sad, because we don’t need this out there on the internet. We need to build this wall and we need to know the facts about what’s happening, instead of jumping the gun,\” Ducote laments.

One of the first things Doug noticed upon reviewing the initial video was why the operator of the camera didn’t walk over to ask the police officers, who parked 10 yards from the open gate, what was going on? That’s the logical thing to do in the situation. Anytime you are at a scene investigating, the first thing you do is go straight to the source if possible. The officers were standing a few feet away, so why didn’t they just go over and find out what was happening?

Douglas adds, “If you think you know why, (the ACLU and Obama holdovers), then go over there and get your facts, find out! Ask them what’s going on! But they don’t! Why? Because they want to feed you bullshit and sadly, thousands of people are eating it up and still eating it up!”

Americans are pouring their hard-earned money into this \’We Build The Wall\’ project with false information!

Bottom line, Ducote wants the wall built across the entire 2,000 miles of the southern border. However, when stories like this come to him, the integrity of the story must be determined. Thankfully, Patriots can be rest assured that Douglas and his team will find out the facts, no matter where it leads. The truth is the truth. This is why Ducote and his team are dedicated to giving you, the American people the full story.

Douglas adds, “I want to be different from everybody else. I want to always bring you the facts and the truth. And this was a big story when it was first sent to me on Monday. I couldn’t vet anything they were saying in this video. When I know the facts, I’ll let you know.”

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