The Douglas Ducote Show, Episode 2: Patriots Unite! with US Army Vets Douglas Ducote & American Joe

\”American Joe\” is a United States Army Veteran who, like Douglas Ducote, also served in Iraq and Afghanistan, though in different units.

Joe describes himself as a “straight white man, a Christian, who is pro-life, pro-military, and anti-war because I hate seeing what it does to the country, to our troops, though I see it as a necessary evil.” He adds after meeting his wife and settling down, he was seeing what was happening to our country, “disgusted by the moral decay” after gay marriage was legalized. “Now we live in a world of utter insanity where we can’t even agree there is two genders anymore, it’s considered hate speech.\”

After watching the radical far-left ideology hijack our country’s culture and education, American Joe came on the scene about six months ago, deciding to add his voice of reason in support of the country he so fiercely served.

Through both American Joe and Doug’s subscribers, they finally got together for a Patriots Unite Event! Tonight these brave American veterans aired live to discuss the absurdity of #TheSquad, Muslims infiltrating American government, the crisis at our southern border, and the situation with Iran. This is a show you’ll want to share with your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and all Patriots!

Don’t miss Douglas Ducote and American Joe on Infowars with Owen Shroyer, July 26 at 3pm CT, where they will chat about veteran issues and take your calls! Then the incredible Patriots Unite event continues when Doug guests on American Joe’s Show, Friday, July 27 at 9pET.

NOTE: This stream cuts short as the internet in Nashville dropped tonight. Congratulations! You broke the internet.

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