YouTube/Google Has Shut Down My Channel

Hello American Patriots, once again I am in a fight against the liberal censorship of Google/YouTube! They have placed another strike against my YouTube channel for a video I uploaded on January 12th of President Trump live at the border. The video was him thanking the brave men and women of the Border patrol for their hard work and dedication to keeping us safe and our border secure. The video was a live feed and I never spoke, it is all Trump speaking at the border. YouTube removed the video and said, “The video content incites others to commit violent acts against individuals and groups of people”. Because of this strike, YouTube has restricted me from uploading videos, live streaming, and posting in my community section for one week! I have filed an appeal, but considering they have an all-out war against Conservatives, Republicans, and anyone who supported President Donald J. Trump, I do not expect to win the appeal. That being said, The Douglas Ducote Show will return live on Tuesday February 2nd 2021. Thank you all for the support of my show and videos, God bless, Douglas.