Enough Already…Why I’m Disassociating Myself From The VFW

American Patriots, please read my letter to the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars), and if you care to voice your opinion as well their information is at the bottom of this letter. Thank you and God Bless, Douglas.

Dear K. Williams,

I\’ve been a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars for 30 years, and just this year became a lifetime member. After reading today in the August 2019 VFW magazine story on page 38 \”VFW Post Helps Create Children of Character\” that you wrote, I would like to know if I can get my membership fee refunded?

I was a proud Boy Scout as a kid, so was my dad and granddad, 3 generations of Boy Scouts. My children were also scouts, my two sons were Boy Scouts and my daughter was in the Girl Scouts, even my wife was a Girl Scout. Then things started changing and the leadership of the Boy Scouts of America caved to political crap from those on the far left! First, they wanted to allow boys that considered themselves gay to join, then men who considered themselves gay to join as scout leaders, and Boy Scouts of America agreed.

Well that was not enough, so the far left started pushing for girls to join the boy scouts, and the BSA caved and agreed. THAT\’S WHAT THE GIRL SCOUTS ARE FOR…GIRLS!!! BOY SCOUTS ARE FOR BOYS!!!! IF YOU WANT A LGBTQ SCOUTING GROUP MAKE ONE!!! But no that\’s not what happened is it? Now Girls can join the Boy Scouts, but boys can\’t join the Girls Scouts! Boys that are gay can join the Boy Scouts but can\’t join the Girl Scouts!! Gay men can\’t join the Girl Scouts but can join the Boy Scouts!! This political correctness has gone overboard.

Then BAM…I read my Aug 2019 magazine to find that the VFW supports this crap!!! I have nothing against gay people, I have several gay friends that I served in the army with, and I have nothing against those that have no clue what they are in the LGBTQ community, BUT STOP PUSHING THIS ON EVERYONE ELSE!! The VFW\’s stance on this is wrong…Boys join \”Boy\” Scouts, \”Girls\” join girls scouts, and the LGBTQ community should start their own scouts period, the VFW should not be a part of this PC crap!!

I no longer care to be associated with ANY organization, especially a veteran’s organization, that caves to far left liberals and their political BS! Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

Douglas M. Ducote Sr.

From the office of Douglas M. Ducote Sr.
Staff Sergeant United States Army Aviation (Ret.)
Founder/CEO Veterans United For Justice

The author of the VFW story is a VFW member called K. Williams whose email is: Kwilliams@vfw.org

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