Someone has to confront Crooked James Comey… I will do it October 26.

Fellow Patriots,

We are headed to Politicon, a huge political conference, in Nashville, TN on October 26-27 to confront Crooked James Comey (as he will be a featured guest at this event). I am sick and tired of this two-tiered justice system we apparently have here in America. I hope you are too. Someone needs to confront this corrupt disgrace to law enforcement and tell him what We The People think of him – and, I am willing to do just that.

I want to bring my production team so that we can live stream the confrontation from Politicon, as well as interview guests and attendees so that you can see what is happening in the world of politics. You\’ll really be surprised to see how chummy all these elitist frauds in the Fake News Media are when they are hanging out together at an event like this.

My producer was able to get us free tickets, so that expense is covered. Please consider chipping in for travel expenses including airfare, ground, and hotel. We are going with five people including myself.

Remember, we are funded by you and our small conservative sponsors. We are not beholden to large corporations or political operatives. This is how we stay independent and are able to bring you the TRUTH.

SSG. Douglas M. Ducote Sr.
United States Army (Ret.)
CEO Veterans United For Justice
Veteran Law Enforcement