Douglas Ducote Issues An Emergency Broadcast For American Patriots

After over a year of attacking him on social media, President Trump finally addressed the four congresswomen who have slandered and lied, day in and day out, about him, his family, and American Patriots.

The Anti-American “Core Four” have been spinning a narrative of deception and Trump finally decided to fight back by saying what all sane American Patriots have been saying about Anti-American leftists for years: if you hate our country, if you’re not happy here, you can leave. While the President didn’t call them out specifically, the unholy alliance between congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ayanna Pressley, has garnered a huge amount of support among Democrats and Republicans. Today, they held a press conference condemning President Trump for his comment claiming it was racist. They even called him a bigot. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

In reality, it’s these four anti-American, anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, and anti-white Authoritarian Socialist-Democrats, who are spewing their poisonous venom against everything this country stands for! This is not a war between Democrats and Republicans, or Liberal versus Conservatives. We are literally in a battle between freedom and tyranny!

Today, US Army Veteran Douglas Ducote watched as the events unfolded on CNN and MSNBC. He was disgusted to find that these four congresswomen continued to be given free rein to trash everything we stand for! A CNN reporter asked a few Republican members of Congress to comment on what they thought about “the racist tweet” from President Trump. They did nothing and, instead, cowardly turned to get on the elevator! Doug wants to know, as well as the rest of us, why aren’t Republicans in Congress standing up and saying it is not right for these four congresswomen to attack our President, our way of life, and the very foundation of this country?! This is out of control!

The “Core Four” constantly attack our men and women who are serving and who have served our country overseas fighting the Taliban, Al-Queda, and ISIS. They attack and slander our brave and selfless men and women who have volunteered to risk and, in some circumstances, sacrifice their very lives!

Doug adds, “since 9/11 what has our government done? For us in the military, they send us overseas to fight radical Islamic Terrorists. They tell us they are the bad guys, we must take them out, we cannot surrender, we cannot be defeated. They pushed it and pressed over and over and over again, they are the bad people! And then one day you wake up and they flip a switch, they’re a member of Congress now and say we can’t go after them anymore?!”

The bottom line is that every American Patriot, and the men and women who we elected to Congress, must start pushing back and saying, “NO!” This cannot continue!
There are those that are going along with this narrative, including the majority of the mainstream media, the Democrats, and the Republicans. They are allowing this assault on our country and President. They are enabling this behavior. In my opinion, these congresswomen (Omar, Talib, Oscasio-Cortez, and Pressley) are committing treason and sedition against America and they are the true enemy of the American people.

As an 18-year veteran, Doug was willing to sacrifice his life for this country. “I’m here to tell you, as an American Patriot, as a believer in God, our forefathers, our Constitution, our values, our moral principles, I was willing to die for this country. In 1985 I was sworn into the US Military and swore to defend this country, both foreign and domestic. I’m still willing to do that now because in America we have domestic terrorists. Look no further than these Tide POD eating little bitches, ANTIFA. And the Department of Justice won’t do shit about it!”

Law enforcement in Portland, Oregon stood down a couple of weeks ago, allowing ANTIFA to attack innocent Americans. These “law enforcement” officers should be ashamed of themselves! If there’s no consequences for acts of violence, they get bolder and bolder.

CNN and MSNBC are completely deceiving Americans by lying about the tweet sent by President Trump. They said it was a “racist tweet” and that he told them to “get out of our country, go back where you came from.” This is a complete fabrication! Look up the actual tweet America! They continue to spin fake news to deflect from the real problem — these four congresswomen hate America, trash our Republic, and bash our President on a daily basis. If we don’t stop these women, it will spread like a disease. That’s where we’re heading!

Ilhan Omar tweeted, “President Trump is a racist and anyone that follows him is a racist.”

Doug responds, “No. Omar, you, Rashida, Pressley, and AOC are the true racist bigots in America. You are what’s wrong with America, and anyone that supports you is what’s wrong with America! It’s time for Americans to stand up and say we are not going to let this shit happen! It’s time for members of Congress that are Republicans to stop being pussies, have a set of balls, and stand up to these friggin’ liberal nut jobs! We did not send you to Congress to rock and cry in a safe space, and be offended and not want to offend anyone and be politically correct. Fuck that! When you know someone is lying, CALL THEM OUT!”

Watch Douglas Ducote’s complete address to American Patriots. He not only discusses the entire situation, but begins to talk about what you can do to join the movement to bring the spirit of America back and stop this madness!

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