Patriots Unite On ‘The War Room’ w/Owen Shroyer

Every Friday between 4-7pET, Owen Shroyer takes calls from veterans to find out their opinions on what is happening as we near the 2020 Presidential election.  Today, U.S. Army veterans Douglas Ducote and American Joe both appeared to discuss their take on several issues including Mueller’s testimony in front of the Judicial House Committee, the abusive, anti-American assaults by Muslim Congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib and The Jihad Squad. 

Both Doug and American Joe served in the Middle East, fighting against Al-Queda, the Taliban and various other operations throughout their extensive careers.  Upon returning home, they faced numerous issues stemming from their combat abroad, but now have decided to utilize their knowledge and experience to battle the war raging within our country to ensure a Democrat never regains power again.  Owen Shroyer said it in a nutshell, “The Democrat Party is the largest domestic terror group in America!”  I’d have to agree!  They are calling President Trump a criminal without naming an actual crime, completely ignoring the real treasonous crimes committed within their own party and previous administrations!  They call for violence, attack and demonize law enforcement, Trump supporters, freedom lovers, anyone that loves America because they know they have no platform to run in 2020! Last time I checked it’s treasonous for a member of Congress to speak against a sitting President and the country they’re supposedly representing! Doug and American Joe agreed.  Doug adds that what’s happening is crazy because he and American Joe were sent to the Middle East to fight Muslims, told they are the enemy, yet upon returning home they’ve got them in Congress and can’t do anything about it?  It’s insanity!

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Don’t miss Doug on American Joe’s Show tonight at 9pET as our Patriot’s Unite’ event concludes! Two great Patriots, one great event!