Trump Under Fire

It’s no secret that since his inauguration the Democrats and their cohorts in the mainstream media, as well as in Hollywood, have had an agenda to oust President Trump from office.  Their attempts to remove him via the bogus Russia Collusion Hoax failed, the women paid to make false claims against him has failed, and the only thing the Mueller probe garnered was the truth that there was no collusion by the Trump campaign and Russia.  There was also no obstruction because there was no crime in the first place. Everything they’ve thrown at President Trump has been thwarted, and boomeranged directly back at the corrupt culprits on the left.

Nicknamed “The Squad,” for the past several weeks, we’ve seen four women in Congress, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley, spew their hatred against our country and President in a vicious manner, completely lying to the American people. They’ve pushed House Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi aside, taken over the Democrat Party with their insane, un-American and racist tactics to distract, create chaos, incite an uprising, and hijack our government.  Their goal is to ultimately change the core foundation of this country and harness the millennial vote, as well as paint Trump as a White Supremacist Nazi. If you want to know what a Socialist Democrat Congress under Islam Rule looks like, you’re watching a version of it unfold and they must be stopped!

FOX News has published a video, now circulating on social media, that shows Representative Rashida Talib at a Trump rally being dragged away by Secret Service after interrupting a speech by then Presidential Candidate Trump! Is this the type of representative you want in Congress? 

The time has come for action!  Call your state representative and demand these four Congresswomen be removed from office under treason and sedition against this country and its sitting President. Remember, it’s our taxes that pay their salaries and our Constitution mandates that those elected must work for ‘We The People’,’ the American citizens, and do what’s in the best interest of our own country — not work against it by sympathizing with our enemies like Iran, Al-Queda, and ISIS!