Monster Social Media- the Digital Battlefield

There are physical battles and now the 21st century has spawned a different kind of battle, the Digital Battlefield. There are a plethora of Digital Soldiers who love this country and see the writing on the wall, fighting to stay on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube every single day. Even those who have served this great nation like U.S. Army veteran Douglas Ducote sadly has to utilize a different type of combat skills as he battles against the monster technocrats who have seized control over the internet, completely subverting our Constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech!

When I look back at the last fifteen years, I see how much our society has eroded into degenerate behavior, where total strangers are willing to spew their hatred and depravity not only anonymously online, but now right to your face! It’s become the norm which is very disturbing. But how did we get so far away from our country’s core morals and values? I blame social media as a major contributing factor.

Social Media is a beast that has allowed a generation to become desensitized on a level never before seen in our history. Somehow, the morally bankrupt behaviors that used to slink in the hidden corners of back alleys and the dark web, have crept up into our everyday lives, where total strangers get to criticize our every move, how we look, and comment on what we say. The left has made an art form of bullying society into submission, though it used to be their greatest cause to combat. Now technocrats and the corporate elite who control this world and everything we see, hear and learn, crush the voice of truth and reason. They allow anything demoralizing on their platforms in line with the narrative and culture they are creating.  But it goes further than politics. 

Using Social Media, the radical left push their liberal agendas, celebrating the LGBTQ and Transgender communities, while scoffing at the traditional family unit. They use racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia to keep us divided and create an environment of hatred, pitting us against each other.  They allow illegal activities to permeate the internet such as sex trafficking sites, pornography and violent threats against our country and President, yet have no problem letting terrorist organizations like ISIS and Black Lives Matter or ANTIFA utilize social media to openly network.  Meanwhile, Patriots are being shut down, decent Americans who love their country and are exposing the truth. Why? Simply because it goes against the Establishment’s controlled culture and narrative spewed by their mainstream media puppets.

On a daily basis videos go viral of loony liberals who use violence during protests, attack people wearing MAGA hats, refuse to serve Trump supporters, and in some cases military or veterans! It’s sad that we’ve come to this type of behavior in our society. What happened to etiquette and social grace? It’s all gone down the tube as the monster social media has hijacked the morals and values of this country and created a culture of hate, destruction and death. Young people are now being taught that this is acceptable behavior and anything goes.

Unfortunately, once God was removed from our schools, churches and traditions, immortality flourished, and many sheeple are just empty vessels easy to manipulate into hive minded ideologies. This is not what this great nation was founded upon. Honestly, social media should be obliterated because without it, maybe we can curtail irrational insanity and return to the core of our country’s morality the way God intended it to be. As heartbreaking and frustrating as it is, we all have to get in the fight because if we don’t, our Constitutional, God given rights will be stripped away forever!

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