Our Modern-Day Battlefield: The War for the Internet with Dr. Dave Janda

As Douglas Ducote and I recently discussed with Dr. Dave Janda, “The War for the Internet” is our modern-day battlefield.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two-and-half years, you’ve witnessed how the liberal media have colluded with the Democrats in perpetuating one of the greatest hoaxes in American history: claiming that the Trump Campaign colluded with Russia to win the 2016 Presidential Election.

We now know the depths to which the Deep State stretches and how they use the Mainstream Media to push their narratives across every single news outlet, talk show, and entertainment property. But possibly even more dangerous, the Deep State is also actively silencing Conservatives on social media including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The Deep State manipulates the masses by repeating the same talking points over and over again, and drumming those talking points into the brains of “We The Unsuspecting Sheeple.”

The Deep State deliberately misdirects and refuses to report on the real story: the countless Abuses of Power by the Obama administration and its numerous treasonous crimes that completely subverted our Constitution. The Obama administration supported terrorist regimes like Iran (even flying pallets of unmarked cash to them in the dark of the night), encouraged and turned a blind eye to pay-to-play schemes, sold 20% of our Uranium (a component used to create nuclear weapons) to President of Russia Vladimir Putin, allowed China to steal our technology via a backdoor to an unprotected server, amongst a litany of other high crimes and misdemeanors.

Currently, what we’re seeing play out in Congress is the exposure of the insidious plot that the upper echelons of the FBI, DOJ, and multiple Intelligence Agencies, including the CIA, concocted, created, and deployed specifically to entrap, and later attempt to oust, a duly elected President. We’ve learned that the Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Campaign was the only campaign that colluded with Russia, paid for the fake Trump/Russia Dossier created by “former” UK spy Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson’s Fusion GPS, and utilized foreign intelligence assets, through the United States’ Five Eyes allies, to literally spy on candidate Donald Trump, Clinton’s political opposition!

While the fight to drag this all out into the light is happening, the rest of us on social media, who are reporting the truth, are getting censored on a level never seen before in the United States of America.

As the 2020 Presidential election nears, the social media platforms we use such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, are attempting to shut out our voices in violation of our Constitutional First Amendment — our Right to Free Speech. But it’s much worse than anyone could ever imagine!

On May 1, 2019, Breitbart News published a story about a Blacklist of 515 Conservative websites being targeted by the left. They were calling for these 515 Conservative websites to be shut down and to have their avenues of revenue cut off. Many on the list of Conservative and Libertarian Alternative Media Outlets are names of outlets, publishers, content creators, influencers, personalities, and individuals we recognize as fighting for freedom, liberty, and truth. The Washington Examiner, The Blaze, Judicial Watch, Dr. Dave Janda, The Daily Wire, Project Veritas, Newsmax, Zero Hedge, Washington Free Beacon, The Drudge Report, USA Watchdog, Infowars, and many more, big and small, were included on this Blacklist. 515 Conservative media outlets were targeted by the Poynter Institute and deemed: “Unreliable News.”

The left is revitalizing McCarthyism of the 1940’s and 1950’s. During this period of time, U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy implemented a campaign that blacklisted those he believed to be Communist or Communist Sympathizers. Hundreds of Americans were accused and subjected to interrogation and accusations of treason. Many of those accused lost their careers and livelihood. Some of them were even imprisoned and their lives were destroyed. Much of this occurred without a shred of evidence, and the targets were singled out because of their supposed associations or ideologies.>

So who is the Poynter Institute? Why would they post such a list? Why would they blatantly attempt to not only silence these Conservative websites, but bankrupt them as well?

Military and law enforcement veteran Douglas Ducote and I spoke with Dr. Dave Janda, the Founder of Operation Freedom. Dr. Janda was livid when he learned his outlet www.DaveJanda.com was on the Poynter Institute Blacklist, so he did some investigating into Poynter and what he discovered is astounding.

The Poynter Institute is a nonprofit entity that purports to focus on journalism integrity and teach journalism students how to “do it the right way.” Its own website literally says it, “champions freedom of expression.”

What I don’t understand is how the Poynter Institution can be classified as a “nonprofit organization” while publishing a Blacklist which targets Conservative and Libertarian Alternative Media Outlets.

Under federal IRS nonprofit 501c3 rules and regulations, campaigning for a particular candidate is allowed up to two weeks before an election. But 501c3 rules and regulations, do not allow the nonprofit entity to engage in partisan activities, which is exactly what the Poynter Institute did by publishing this Blacklist. Not one of the outlets on the Blacklist were liberal, left, or Democrat.

While this is definitely an issue that can be looked into deeper, what’s really disturbing is that the Poynter Institute is funded by a bunch of globalist billionaires. Most notably, the open borders Koch Brothers and admitted, proud, and unapologetic Nazi collaborator George Soros (the man who has vowed to make it his life’s work to bring down America). Another interesting fact, the Poynter Institue owns the Tampa Bay Times.

If this doesn’t make your blood start to boil, wait until you hear how they came up with this list.

Dr. Janda explained the author of the Blacklist is a man by the name of Barrett Golding. Digging a little deeper, Janda found that Golding is actually currently employed by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Southern Poverty Law Center claims to fight hate and extremism, teach tolerance, and seek justice for children, the LGBTQ community, immigrants (including illegal aliens), criminals, and voters.

According to Dr. Janda, the Poynter Institution and the Southern Poverty Law Center neglected to mention that former President of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Richard Cohen, was recently forced to resign over staff mistreatment and discrimination, and the Founder of Southern Poverty Law Center, Morris Dees, was also recently removed for misconduct and discrimination of employees based on their skin color. Clearly, the Southern Poverty Law Center doesn’t practice what they preach.

Where did this Blacklist come from?

In the article (which has since been removed, but we were able to obtain an archived copy), author Barrett Golding points out this was a list developed by Media Studies Assistant Professor, Melissa Zimdars, at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, who says these Conservative websites are “unreliable.” Dr. Janda researched the professor and found out she has an organization called Open Sources. However, Open Sources is a one page website that is blank (but we were able to obtain and archived copy of the Open Sources website). Janda confirmed with numerous outlets on the Blacklist that none of them nor Janda himself, were ever contacted by Merrimack College, the Poynter Institute, or Golding, who wrote the Blacklist article.

Armed with his research, Dr. Janda called Merrimack College and the Poynter Institute.  “[I] wanted to talk to a representative because it’s not just defamation, it demeans [my] 40 years in healthcare and writing policy,” said Janda. Although Dr. Janda has left numerous voicemails for the Chief Attorney at Merrimack College, he has yet to receive a call back. However, Janda was able to speak to the Managing Editor at the Poynter Institute, Barbara Allen, who has since posted a retraction. Dr. Janda finally got an apology email stating that they “removed the database entirely” and would do better next time.

Dr. Janda believes there was a strategy involved in publishing this Blacklist. Janda said, “they wanted to dirty us up, so they created this fraudulent information to take us down before the 2020 election. They were hoping to get this article out slamming 500 sites, and then let it sit out there for a week. I think the plan was to put this unreliable stuff up and then a week later have them [Mainstream Media, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, NY Times, Washington Post, Politico, Buzzfeed, etc.] do big stories all at once that we needed to be taken down. A few of us got wind of what was going on, complained, and threatened them with legal action. They got caught destroying the Rule of Law. The problem with globalists is they think that when they get caught they can just say sorry and nothing happens. They got caught with their pants down and they took on people who are not willing to sit back and take it.”

We’ve all seen the tactics of the left. The biggest glaring example of one of their recent smear tactics is what they did to Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing.

Senator Diane Feinstein supposedly received a letter from a woman in obscurity, who we later learned was Christine Blasey-Ford, claiming she had been sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh in 1985! Although Blasey-Ford’s recollection of this supposed incident was sketchy at best, the Democrats utilized their puppets in the Mainstream Media to spark controversy and mass hysteria. The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements almost destroyed Kavanaugh’s good name, family, and career! The left literally offered Kavanaugh up as a sacrificial lamb, and in the eyes of the court of public opinion, Kavanaugh was guilty! It was a spectacle I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. We have a Rule of Law that says “innocent until proven guilty.” But thanks to the brainwashing techniques used by the Deep State’s Operation Mockingbird Media, they almost succeeded in ousting President Trump’s Supremer Court nominee. This is McCarthyism.

What’s even more interesting about this Blacklist, is that none of the Fake News Mainstream Media outlets (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, Politico, Buzzfeed, etc.) were on this list. The targets were all outlets that reported the truth about the Russia Collusion Delusion, as well as all the other criminality perpetrated by the Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton, and Obama and Clinton minions.

Janda adds, “We all got the story right, the fake Russia Collusion, [and] all these organizations not on the Blacklist had it wrong and were lying for two and a half years.”

So why exactly was Dr. Janda on the Blacklist?

Over the years, in his almost 30 year career as an Orthopedic Surgeon, with his own practice, Dr. Janda has worked with multiple administrations. Now Janda is the founder of Operation Freedom, a weekly radio show where he covers politics, policy, and breaking news. Janda explains, “I believe one of the reasons why I was targeted was because of ‘The Hammer,’ where we identify that right after Obama took office in 2009, Obama, along with John Brennan, then Director of the CIA, James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, hired a guy named Dennis Montgomery who created a platform, ‘The Hammer,’ to illegally surveil millions of individuals, targeting Trump and his team in particular. And the reason they created the Dossier and went to the FISA Court was to create a diversion for what they really did with ‘The Hammer.’”

The database Montgomery built, allows the user to plug-in the name of any individual and the system will return extensive data on that individual including every account the individual has across various platforms. In conjunction to Obama using ‘The Hammer,’ Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice and Obama Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Powers were unmasking U.S. Citizens at an unprecedented rate (up to 300%) during the 2016 Presidential election!

What does this mean?

We know that Carter Page, an FBI and CIA contractor, and the supposed target of the FISA Warrants, was sent into the Trump Campaign. Everyone that Page made contact with was then “unmasked” and their identities were revealed. At this point, any contact made by Page that was unmasked could be entered into ‘The Hammer’ and every account, phone call, text message, email, banking transaction, social media account, affiliated with that contact could be revealed. The web would them grow from there.

This completely subverts our Constitutional Right to Privacy. It is highly illegal and was done with the authorization of the President of the United States. It was done with the full knowledge of the heads of our Intelligence Agencies, John Brennen and James Clapper… let the magnitude of this scandal sink in.

How can this attack on our Freedom of Speech and censorship be stopped?

Many feel that we need an “Internet Bill of Rights” that will protect our God-given Constitutional Rights across the world wide web. We need an “Internet Bill of Rights” that will protect our First Amendment Freedom of Speech, and allow all points of view to be heard. We must neuter the Tyrannical Technocratic Cultural Marxists who are controlling what the masses see, hear, and read on the internet. Janda agrees this is the answer and hopes President Trump will sign an Executive Order like he did with his free speech on college campuses executive order. Janda adds, “it addresses the sorry state of affairs. It’s beyond intolerance to conservatives, libertarians, anything other than globalist ideology [is not being allowed]. It’s gotten so off the charts that they are adamant about suppressing every person who has a divergent opinion right of free speech.”

What can we do as citizens of the United States to combat this censorship?

Dr. Janda explains, “I believe that they [the left] think we’ll get so frustrated we’ll just go away. They’re not going to get rid of us that easy and deny me my free speech. There are remedies. They want you to self-censor.”

It’s no secret that CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey has openly spoken about behavioral modification programs. Basically they’re forcing us to think twice before we say or post anything. Janda thinks it’s time for us to flip the tables on these technocrats. “We should say we’re watching you! We’re not going to let you violate our right of free speech and same thing is true for all platforms,” adds Janda.

We know the Southern Poverty Law Center is actively working with these technocrats to get Conservative and Libertarian outlets kicked off social media platforms. But the extremely scary part, is that they are also working with credit card companies, payment processors, banks, and donation platforms to create and enforce economic blacklists. These blacklists target Conservative and Libertarian outlets and individuals, and call for them to be cut off from payment gateways and banking services, so that Independent Journalists can no longer collect money from fans, followers, donors, subscribers,  shoppers, or even accept donations on Pateron, PayPal, or funding sites like GoFundMe.

Eventually Amazon, that controls a lot of the servers that host websites and has multi-billion dollar contracts with the CIA and NSA housing all of their intelligence data, will end up turning off our websites. Domain names will be deleted by mega companies like GoDaddy or through the international domain name regulator ICANN. A prime example is independent journalist Laura Loomer, who appeared on Infowars last week literally crying. The technocrats shut down Laura’s social media accounts, ability to accept donations from her fans, and Chase Bank even shut down her bank account. Laura Loomer is now unable to continue her work reporting the truth as an Independent Journalist.

Our Modern-Day Battlefield is “The War for the Internet.” It’s one of the most pressing battles President Trump needs to take on.

Dr. Janda agrees, “No one can sit on the couch. For the next one and a half years everyone has to call the White House, talk about censorship. Call their Congressman, Senators. Everyone has to be an advocate. We have to collectively start working together.”

“The War for the Internet” is now and it goes a lot further than Conservatives and Libertarians getting kicked off social media and being censored on the internet. This is a war and we’re playing on their battlefield. In the end, it truly is up to Americans to get involved and to stand up and demand that our voices be heard. Otherwise our Constitutional Freedom of Speech will disappear, along with all of our freedoms.

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