Military Coup Against Trump, Here’s What You Need To Know ASAP

Folks, this is Dustin Gold here, producer at We get hundreds of emails a day from all of you and we truly appreciate them very much.

A couple of days ago, Douglas and I watched a video about the DeepState gearing up to take out POTUS Trump using the military. But last week, we watched a video saying POTUS Trump was going to take out the DeepState using the military.

We get emails all the time asking why we don’t jump on these stories. Asking us, why we don’t cover them.

In short, here\’s the reason folks.

It’s not a matter of “right wing news” or “left wing news.” It’s a matter of what is credible verifiable news.

There is so much “clickbait fake news” – or PROPAGANDA – on the internet that we really have to take the time to sift through everything before we comment on a particular story. We try our hardest to not get caught up in helping to spread fake news, otherwise we are no better than the MSM.

Sometimes, we will read the same story from many different news sources, and then connect the dots for ourselves or read between the lines to get as close to the truth as we realistically can. Other times, we just have to use common sense because we can’t locate a trustworthy source. In the latter case, we will either choose to not report the story or Douglas will explain the story to you with the \”facts\” as we know them today.

Look, there are tons of “clickbait fake news” stories out there. Some lie by commission (adding fake information), some lie by omission (removing real information), and some just make up the whole damn thing (fiction). Much of it is just straight up misinformation, disinformation, or complete and total fabricated B.S.

Why do certain people choose to do this to us?

There are many reasons, and it is very difficult to pinpoint the exact reason in each and every case. We could spend our whole lives investigating the origins of fake news propaganda.

But, in general, here are three plausible sources of “clickbait fake news.\” They are often run by 1) political operatives who are sponsored by billionaire backers like George Soros, the Koch network, or Tom Steyer, or, in some cases, even the DNC or RNC, 2) government operations backed by rogue elements of the intelligence community, or 3) straight up charlatans looking to make a quick buck off your click.

In the end, they all operate on a similar modus operandi. They identify the target audience they want to manipulate, whether that be right or left or LGBTQ or the Patriot community – whatever it may be, and then they play to that target audience\’s emotions, tell that audience what they want to hear, keep that audience hooked into their fabricated B.S., and hope that audience will help spread their B.S. on social media.

There have been snake oil salesmen since the beginning of time. This isn’t new.

Well, we are refusing to take their bait and we suggest you do as well because falling for their B.S. is honestly a waste of our time and yours.

Folks, if POTUS Trump is going to take out the DeepState with the military or the DeepState is going to take out POTUS Trump with the military, trust us – YOU WON’T MISS IT. It won’t be hard to see!

That’s why we don’t jump on these “clickbait fake news” stories. We have more important things to focus on – like 2020 & Beyond.