West Point Cadet with M4 Rifle Vanished, Manhunt, Classified, Dead

Missing West Point Cadet\’s Identity Considered Classified As Manhunt Continues

by Douglas Ducote, Chrissy Piccolo, and Dustin Gold







A search is underway for a West Point cadet who has been missing since Friday, the U.S. Military Academy said Sunday. The cadet and his M4 rifle were reported missing when he failed to report for a scheduled military skills competition over the weekend. U.S. Army veteran Douglas Ducote called West Point to get the name of the missing person, BUT West Point said the \”name is classified.\” Unbelievable.


The search for the missing cadet from West Point Academy in upstate New York continues, after he or she went missing Friday, October 18, 2019 at approximately 5:30pm ET. According to the latest press release from West Point, the agencies involved in the search have extended to include not only the Military Police, FBI, and local law enforcement, but also the K9 Unit, Coastguard, diving units, and drone technology in an attempt to locate the AWOL cadet.

Retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant and Law Enforcement veteran Douglas Ducote made a follow up call to West Point’s Public Relations Department in an effort to find out if any additional information is being released. When he asked, he was once again told that they could not release any identifying information, including name or physical description, for the missing cadet and had nothing to say when pressed about how strange it is that West Point refuses to say exactly who they are extensively looking for and asking the public to assist.

In a subsequent call, Team Ducote writer Chrissy Piccolo attempted to obtain information on the weapon purported to be missing, an M4 Rifle. She confirmed this is the military version of an AK-15 semi-automatic assault weapon, though again was told the cadet reportedly has no ammo for it. According to the Public Affairs officer she spoke with, the academy is determining exactly what information should be released specifically about the cadet, which will be forthcoming shortly, though they are not planning to hold a press conference. She further asked if it was normal protocol for West Point to have so many agencies involved when a cadet goes AWOL and was told he did not know. When asked to speak to someone about their protocols for AWOL cadets, she was told to send an email to request that information.


Across almost every news outlet, the big story today is about a West Point Cadet, armed with an M4 Rifle, who went missing late Friday night. Last seen Friday October 18, 2019 at 5:30pm ET, the Military Police were notified and began searching by 1:00am on October 19. Saturday morning, widening the search to include the K9 Unit and United States Coastguard by Sunday, a manhunt for the missing cadet continues, with FBI and New York State Police adding their resources.

Lt. Gen. Darryl Williams, the West Point Academy Superintendent had this to say in a statement to the Army Times, “I want to thank the local and state law enforcement agencies and emergency services for their tireless support. We will continue to search with all means possible, on and off West Point. Safely locating the Cadet remains our focus and number one priority.”

Authorities are asking anyone with information to contact their hotline at (845) 938-3333.

But there is a huge flaw in their plea for assistance as no identifying information has been released!  

Douglas Ducote, retried U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, Law Enforcement veteran, and host of The Douglas Ducote Show, who served four combat tours under for U.S. Presidents, attempted to find out more information on the missing cadet in an effort to inform his audience on Monday, October 21, 2019. Ducote called the phone number listed above, which is the direct line to West Point Military Police, and asked for the name of the missing cadet, but was told it was \”classified information\” and was given the same response when he asked if the cadet was a man or woman. 

This missing cadet has a M4 Rifle and is at large, with a massive manhunt underway, could be a danger to themselves or others, yet we are not allowed to know anything about him or her other than this person is a member of the 2021 graduating class?! In addition, no further information on the exact circumstances under which the cadet disappeared, nor who reported him missing and why there is concern, has been released.

Why did it take three days for the news to hit? Why aren\’t those reporting on this story asking for more information? And why is the cadet\’s identifying information considered classified?

As a veteran law enforcement officer and retried U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, Douglas Ducote is asking how the public is supposed to assist police if the person\’s name and gender are considered classified? Any missing persons report must include this information at the very least, otherwise law enforcement has no clue who they\’re looking for.

What is West Point hiding? Could the missing cadet be a Muslim?  Is the cadet a relative of a Senator or Congressman? Douglas adds, \”This is very stupid and could put people in harm\’s way. None of the stories on all of the major outlets say anything about who this person is or even have a picture. I\’m guessing the reason they\’re not releasing the name of the cadet is probably because of all the Political Correctness crap, afraid of hurting someone\’s feelings!  There are certain people who have infiltrated our country via military and Congress, so it\’s my assumption at this point the reason the identifying information is considered classified, is because the individual could be Muslim or related to someone famous. I\’m surprised they even reported it at all and my guess is they had to say something in case this person harms someone.\”  

Political Correctness is literally putting American lives in danger. The culture of fear that the radical left has cultivated is now affecting how law enforcement handles cases like this – that is a fact. West Point and all law enforcement in general better wake up before someone gets killed due to the left\’s ideology and culture of racism, hate, and policies that not only breeds a generation of pansies, but puts a person\’s feelings over a human life!