Ep 41: Secession Talk Is Growing. What Happens Next?

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote speaks with Tom Luongo about the growing secession movement and Jessica Vaughn of CIS about current immigration issues.

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Ep 38: WAR POWERS ACT! Republican-led Senate Restricts Trump’s Ability to Retaliate Against Iran!

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote discusses the Senate voting to block President Trump’s ability to retaliate against Iran, plus America First Maria Espinoza.

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Ep 29: America At War, Iran Attacks US Base

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote discusses the Iranian missile strikes on US based located in Iraq and what those in the media are saying.

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Ep 28: Emergency Broadcast, Iranian Terrorists On US Soil

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Special Report- War 2020

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote discusses the current situation with Iran and President Trump’s decision to take out Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani.

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The Destruction Of America From The Inside

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote has a serious discussion about Islam in America. Is this ideology compatible with the west?

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Deep Fake Video and Audio, The Next Deep State Illusion? Part I: Welcome to Fake Reality

UPDATE: Dustin Gold, who currently serves as executive producer for US Army veteran Douglas Ducote and the editor of this website, appeared on LI News July 31, 2019 to discuss this article, as well as Doug’s upcoming Ultimate Border Tour.

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U.S. May Lead Removal of Venezuelan Dictator Nicolas Maduro

The U.S. may lead the removal of Venezuelan Dictator Nicolas Maduro. The crisis in Venezuela has taken center stage as more violence erupted last week, with the Venezuelan people rising up against a tyrannical regime that refuses to leave its post. Now acting President, 35 year old Juan Gauido, has marched the streets of Caracas … Read the rest

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