Exclusive: Shooting in CA, What The Media is Not Telling You!

US Army Veteran SSG Douglas Ducote, tackles the CA shooting, uncovers the media lies, and lays out the truth about the black-on-black crime epidemic.

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The Douglas Ducote Show, Episode 2: Patriots Unite! with US Army Vets Douglas Ducote & American Joe

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“American Joe” is a United States Army Veteran who, like Douglas Ducote, also served in Iraq and Afghanistan, though in different units.

Joe describes himself as a “straight white man, a Christian, who is pro-life, pro-military, and anti-war because I hate seeing what it does … Read the rest

What is Racist and what is not… do you know?

US Army Veteran, Douglas Ducote tackles a very touchy subject… racism. But with the word being thrown around everywhere, someone had to do it.

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The Douglas Ducote Show, Episode 1: My Address To The Union

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Douglas Ducote Issues An Emergency Broadcast For American Patriots

After over a year of attacking him on social media, President Trump finally addressed the four congresswomen who have slandered and lied, day in and day out, about him, his family, and American Patriots.

The Anti-American “Core Four” have been spinning a narrative of deception and Trump finally decided to fight back by saying what … Read the rest

Had Enough? Join Me Live As I Address The Left! I am Fired Up!

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