Ep 45: Patriot Super Panel: Coronavirus Hype, Death Threats, Dems Choice: Communist or Vegetable

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Warning! Shocking Violence In America, And Those That Enable it

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Time To Take A Stand Patriots – Join Me January 20th To Protect Our 2A Rights

Team Ducote is headed to Virginia for the January 20, 2020 Lobby Day to stand up to the Democrat Governor and legislature who are attempting to pass an unconstitutional gun ban and confiscation bill. We will be there covering this historic event live from the ground. Please consider making a contribution towards our travel and Read the rest

Dear Democrats and Liberals…I got your Impeachment!

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote sends a Christmas message to the Democrat Clown Squad who is leading the sham impeachment witch trial.

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Dustin Gold Takes No Prisoners, This Is A Border War

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Dustin Gold Says Lets The Democrats Destroy America

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EPISODE 14: al-Baghdadi, Impeachment, & Politicon

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote discusses the death of al-Baghdadi, the Impeachment Circus, and his trip to Politicon.

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Dear Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

US Army veteran and conservative media personality Douglas Ducote delivers a straight forward message to Congressman Ilhan Omar after she complains about a death threat against her.

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Expulsion Process Underway For Rep. Omar, Thank You God

Alabama State Republicans call for Democrat Congressman Ilhan Omar to be removed from Congress after a series of statements including claiming US Armed Forces committed war crimes.

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POWERFUL: Today, 8-1-2019, Lady Justice Died

US Army veteran, Douglas Ducote, literally shakes as he talks about Attorney General William Barr refusing to prosecute James Comey.

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Mueller Testimony- Another Nothing Burger

From the moment the Mueller Report was released, Democrats have breathlessly, relentlessly continued the narrative that although there was no evidence found that the Trump Campaign colluded with Russia to win the 2016 Presidential election, they say he did Obstructed Justice.

Today the highly hyped testimony of Robert Mueller in front of Congress basically backfired … Read the rest

Republican To Run Against AOC In 2020

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve seen just how far off the tracks the far-left agenda is. It’s hard to imagine any sane American voting for a Democrat in 2020. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has garnered much criticism within the poetical arena by the mainstream media, political experts, Democrats and Republicans, due to her ignorance about … Read the rest

The Douglas Ducote Show, Episode 1: My Address To The Union

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Had Enough? Join Me Live As I Address The Left! I am Fired Up!

Join Us Live At 6pm CT on this Website Prefer To Join The Chat On YouTube? Click Here.
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