Time To Take A Stand Patriots – Join Me January 20th To Protect Our 2A Rights

Team Ducote is headed to Virginia for the January 20, 2020 Lobby Day to stand up to the Democrat Governor and legislature who are attempting to pass an unconstitutional gun ban and confiscation bill. We will be there covering this historic event live from the ground. Please consider making a contribution towards our travel and Read the rest

Politicon Here We Come: Submit Your Questions Now!

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As you know, we are headed to Politicon this weekend to confront Crooked James Comey and bring you important live coverage.

I want to know who you want me to talk to and what questions you want me to ask.

Head over to Politicon.com for a … Read the rest

The Douglas Ducote Show, Episode 8, Part 2 of 6: FOX Regular proves the Anti-Fascists Are The Fascists

On this episode of The Douglas Ducote Show, US Army veteran Douglas Ducote discusses a wide range of topics with fellow Army veteran American Joe and FOX News regular Professor Nicholas Giordano. The three Patriots discuss AntiFa and George Soros, and Professor Nick lays out the truth: The Anti-Fascists Are The Modern Day Fascists.

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Facebook Bans ‘Veterans United For Justice’- A Lifeline for Suicidal Veterans

For those of us out here on the battlefield fighting every day to get the truth out against the mainstream media propaganda machine, the crackdown of Conservatives on social media has become a huge thorn in our sides. Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more are cutting out our voices, ten-fold, ahead of … Read the rest

Patriots Unite! The Douglas Ducote Show With American Joe July 19, 2019, 9pm ET

For episode 2 of The Douglas Ducote Show, US Army Veteran Douglas Ducote joins forces with another bad ass Army Vet, “American Joe.”

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