Real World Witness, Episode 29, Trump’s Re-Election Rally & Democrat-MSM Twisted Plans For America

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URGENT! Veterans Suicide Hotline. Disconnects. Long Waits.

Fellow Patriots,

Today, I received a phone call from a veteran family who told me the local VA suicide hotline was putting veterans on hold when they called to get help.

I just couldn’t believe it, so I called the hotline myself.

After being run through a few prompt options, I was forwarded to the … Read the rest

Padlocked Border Gate Goes Viral, BUT is it Really FAKE NEWS?

It’s no secret that the internet is saturated with FAKE NEWS.

Whether it’s from the leftist publications like the Washington Post, New York Times, Media Matters, our mainstream media, or ‘Citizen Journalists’ on YouTube trying to get in on the action, fake news has permeated our lives to the point that it’s hard to decipher … Read the rest

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