Douglas Ducote Talks 2020 & Beyond with iHeartRadio

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote invited onto iHeart Radio to discuss his Politicon experience and 2020 & Beyond.

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Douglas Ducote Talks Red Flag Laws, PTSD, Veterans, and Censorship on Nashville’s 99.7

U.S. ARMY veteran Douglas Ducote visited Nashville’s top conservative talk station, 99.7 WTN to discuss red flag laws, PTSD, veterans, and conservative censorship.

Douglas At Nashville’s 99.7

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Deep Fake Video and Audio, The Next Deep State Illusion? Part I: Welcome to Fake Reality

UPDATE: Dustin Gold, who currently serves as executive producer for US Army veteran Douglas Ducote and the editor of this website, appeared on LI News July 31, 2019 to discuss this article, as well as Doug’s upcoming Ultimate Border Tour.

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Patriots Unite On ‘The War Room’ w/Owen Shroyer

Every Friday between 4-7pET, Owen Shroyer takes calls from veterans to find out their opinions on what is happening as we near the 2020 Presidential election.  Today, U.S. Army veterans Douglas Ducote and American Joe both appeared to discuss their take on several issues including Mueller’s testimony in front of the Judicial House Committee, the … Read the rest

Listen To Douglas Ducote On JVC Media Discussing His Border Investigation

Maria Albanese, of The Citizen Pundit, was kind enough to secure Douglas Ducote an interview on JVC Media’s “Your Island” with Tom Schiliro to discuss Ducote’srecent trip to investigate the US-Mexico Border.

Please make sure you read Ducote’s Directive to President Donald J. Trump.

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Maria Albanese Plugs Douglas Ducote’s Upcoming Appearance On JVC Media

Maria Albanese, of The Citizen Pundit, appeared on JVC Media’s “Your Island” with Tom Schiliro to discuss Douglas Ducote’s upcoming April 23, 2019 interview at 12:00pm ET. Douglas Ducote, will discuss his recent trip to investigate the US-Mexico Border.

LISTEN LIVE ON APRIL 23, 2019 at 12pm ET

Listen Live Link

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