Ep 45: Patriot Super Panel: Coronavirus Hype, Death Threats, Dems Choice: Communist or Vegetable

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Breaking News: Americas Laws To Be Changed Under Dem Leadership, And Not For The Good.

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The Dems Hate You, Trump’s Just The Vessel

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote watched the entire Senate Impeachment Trial and brings you his thoughts on that and the State of the Union.

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Warning! Shocking Violence In America, And Those That Enable it

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Ep 33: Impeachment Saga From Hell And Border Updates

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Ep 31: MUSLIM AGENDA, Destroy America

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Time To Take A Stand Patriots – Join Me January 20th To Protect Our 2A Rights

Team Ducote is headed to Virginia for the January 20, 2020 Lobby Day to stand up to the Democrat Governor and legislature who are attempting to pass an unconstitutional gun ban and confiscation bill. We will be there covering this historic event live from the ground. Please consider making a contribution towards our travel and Read the rest

Patriots… Join Me in Condemning Rep. Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib

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Dear Democrats and Liberals…I got your Impeachment!

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote sends a Christmas message to the Democrat Clown Squad who is leading the sham impeachment witch trial.

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Ep 25: Impeachment Circus Is Coming To Town

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote discusses the upcoming Democrat Impeachment Clown Show and the future of America with Producer Dustin.

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Breaking News – House Judiciary Committee Approves Impeachment Of Trump

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Ep 24: Tough Talking TX Sheriff On The Front Lines of the Border War

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Dustin Gold Takes No Prisoners, This Is A Border War

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The Impeachment Of Trump-Freedom Of Speech, Know The Facts

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote discusses freedom of speech and defamation of character in context to Trump being slandered by the left.

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Dustin Gold Says The Democrats Want To Erase The USA

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What You Need To Know Now About The Whistleblower

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote dives deep into the Deep State “whistleblower” and the ongoing coup to take down President Trump.

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TAKE A STAND NOW!! Our President Needs Us To Engage

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote tears into the Crazy Democrat Impeachment Circus Show and calls on Patriots to rise up against these CLOWNS.

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Shocking What Happened Next, Confronting Socialist Supporters


US Army veteran Douglas Ducote conducts one of the most important interviews of his media career with a group of Bernie Bros.

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EPISODE 14: al-Baghdadi, Impeachment, & Politicon

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote discusses the death of al-Baghdadi, the Impeachment Circus, and his trip to Politicon.

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Episode 12: CNN Busted… Again

U.S. Army veteran Douglas Ducote hammers home on the major points of the week: CNN Busted, Pelosi Tantrum, Gov Incompetence

We Are Almost At Our Goal. Send Us To Politicon To Confront James Comey.
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Crooked Comey Raking In Millions… I’ll Confront Him.

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Crooked James is raking in millions. He got a $2M book advance, has a TV mini-series, gets six-figures for speeches, and writes for the Washington Post. Will we ever see justice? I don’t know.

But what I do know, is that my producer was … Read the rest

Someone has to confront Crooked James Comey… I will do it October 26.

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Fellow Patriots,

We are headed to Politicon, a huge political conference, in Nashville, TN on October 26-27 to confront Crooked James Comey (as he will be a featured guest at this event). I am sick and tired of this two-tiered justice system we apparently have here in … Read the rest

Trump Fires Back At House Dems, Thank You Sir

The White House said it won’t cooperate with the House impeachment probe, marking clear battle lines in the fight between President Trump and Democratic lawmakers.

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Episode 11: Chaos In America

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote breaks down the current state of America and the left’s plan to create chaos all across the country.

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Shocking…You Won’t Believe What They Just Tried To Do

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote exposes the Democrats for pretending they support the military only because Trump is using excess military funding to Build The Wall.

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Breaking News- Trump, Ukraine, Impeachment, Heres All You Need To Know

U.S. Army veteran Douglas Ducote breaks down the latest Fake News scandal. The Democrats are calling for Trump’s impeachment again… boring.

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High School Cheerleaders Punished For Supporting President Trump

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote discusses a story about a group of cheerleaders in North Carolina who are in trouble for holding up a Trump MAGA sign.

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You Won’t Believe This, Is CNN Working For The Trump Campaign

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote reports on CNN’s new town hall which will pander solely to the “LBGTQ community.”

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Police Officers and Gun Owners MUST Watch This Video!

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote reports on San Francisco labeling the NRA as a “domestic terrorist organization” and California passing a law that private citizens no longer have to help a police officer in need of assistance.

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WARNING…The Calm Before The Storm Is Happening Now

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote discusses Walmart’s announcement to jump on the gun control bandwagon. 

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The Douglas Ducote Show, Episode 9: Never Surrender

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote goes on an epic one hour rant encouraging Patriots to never surrender, never quit, and stay in the fight to save the Republic. Producer Dustin Gold joins in to discuss Operation Border Command.

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Dear Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

US Army veteran and conservative media personality Douglas Ducote delivers a straight forward message to Congressman Ilhan Omar after she complains about a death threat against her.

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Expulsion Process Underway For Rep. Omar, Thank You God

Alabama State Republicans call for Democrat Congressman Ilhan Omar to be removed from Congress after a series of statements including claiming US Armed Forces committed war crimes.

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URGENT MESSAGE- If You Voted For Trump You Are Crazy…per Dr. Allen Frances

Dr. Allen Frances compares President Trump to the most evil dictators in history and says those who voted for Trump are actually crazy. Douglas Ducote unwinds this tangled web.

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