Ep 41: Secession Talk Is Growing. What Happens Next?

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote speaks with Tom Luongo about the growing secession movement and Jessica Vaughn of CIS about current immigration issues.

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Ep 38: WAR POWERS ACT! Republican-led Senate Restricts Trump’s Ability to Retaliate Against Iran!

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote discusses the Senate voting to block President Trump’s ability to retaliate against Iran, plus America First Maria Espinoza.

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The Dems Hate You, Trump’s Just The Vessel

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote watched the entire Senate Impeachment Trial and brings you his thoughts on that and the State of the Union.

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Live From Nashville: Army Has Safe Spaces Now

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote covers many topics, but most importantly reports on what he learned about the Army’s safe space and trigger word policy.

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American Patriots, Thank You For Standing With Us

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SPECIAL REPORT: LIVE from Virginia 2A Rally

6 hours of nonstop live coverage from the January 20, 2020 Virginia 2A rally at the Richmond Capitol brought to you by The Douglas Ducote Show.

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BREAKING! Capitol Grounds “Kill Box” Tour

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Douglas Interviews Senator Amanda Chase

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Jihad In America… Are You Prepared?

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Angel Dad Endorses The Terrablock Wall

Angel Dad Dan Golvach endorses the Terrablock Modular Wall System and calls for deportation of all illegal aliens on The Douglas Ducote Show.

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Ep 30: This Is War. Trump Must Build The Wall NOW.

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Time To Take A Stand Patriots – Join Me January 20th To Protect Our 2A Rights

Team Ducote is headed to Virginia for the January 20, 2020 Lobby Day to stand up to the Democrat Governor and legislature who are attempting to pass an unconstitutional gun ban and confiscation bill. We will be there covering this historic event live from the ground. Please consider making a contribution towards our travel and Read the rest

Ep 27: Second Amendment Under Attack

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote and Producer Dustin Gold discuss the current situation in Virginia and how we got to this point.

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Breaking News – House Judiciary Committee Approves Impeachment Of Trump

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BREAKING NEWS! The Death Of US Troops At The Hands Of Allah

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Ep 22: Future of the GOP with Lt Col Allen West

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Lt Col Allen West Discusses The Border War

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote interviews Lt Col Allen West about the future of the GOP and the ongoing border crisis.

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Douglas Ducote Talks 2020 & Beyond with iHeartRadio

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote invited onto iHeart Radio to discuss his Politicon experience and 2020 & Beyond.

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Shocking What Happened Next, Confronting Socialist Supporters


US Army veteran Douglas Ducote conducts one of the most important interviews of his media career with a group of Bernie Bros.

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EPISODE 14: al-Baghdadi, Impeachment, & Politicon

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote discusses the death of al-Baghdadi, the Impeachment Circus, and his trip to Politicon.

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Episode 13: The Mysterious Case of the Missing Cadet

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote delves deeper into the mysterious case of the West Point cadet who was found dead.

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Military Coup Against Trump, Here’s What You Need To Know ASAP

Folks, this is Dustin Gold here, producer at DouglasDucote.com. We get hundreds of emails a day from all of you and we truly appreciate them very much.

A couple of days ago, Douglas and I watched a video about the DeepState gearing up to take out POTUS Trump using the military. But last week, we … Read the rest

Rep. Ilhan Omar The Most Ungrateful Refugee…Why?

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote is grateful for many things, but is having a hard time figuring out why Rep Ilhan Omar is so ungrateful.

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Someone has to confront Crooked James Comey… I will do it October 26.

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Fellow Patriots,

We are headed to Politicon, a huge political conference, in Nashville, TN on October 26-27 to confront Crooked James Comey (as he will be a featured guest at this event). I am sick and tired of this two-tiered justice system we apparently have here in … Read the rest

Shocking…You Won’t Believe What They Just Tried To Do

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote exposes the Democrats for pretending they support the military only because Trump is using excess military funding to Build The Wall.

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Breaking News: Fraud In the Medical Marijuana Business Exposed In Lake Charles, La

U.S. Army veteran Douglas Ducote investigates a government sanctioned medical marijuana operation that is scamming veterans and others.

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Military Vet Had His 1st & 2nd Amendment Rights Stripped For Speaking Out Against ANTIFA!

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote discusses a recent story about a veteran who had his guns taken away because he said that if AntiFa tried to kill him, he’d kill AntiFa.

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The Douglas Ducote Show, Episode 9: Never Surrender

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote goes on an epic one hour rant encouraging Patriots to never surrender, never quit, and stay in the fight to save the Republic. Producer Dustin Gold joins in to discuss Operation Border Command.

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The Destruction Of America From The Inside

US Army veteran Douglas Ducote has a serious discussion about Islam in America. Is this ideology compatible with the west?

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Douglas Ducote Talks Red Flag Laws, PTSD, Veterans, and Censorship on Nashville’s 99.7

U.S. ARMY veteran Douglas Ducote visited Nashville’s top conservative talk station, 99.7 WTN to discuss red flag laws, PTSD, veterans, and conservative censorship.

Douglas At Nashville’s 99.7

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